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The delivery costs via GLS for a single UFNI piece or UFNI set is 3.33 €, the delivery costs for a UFNI package 10 is 7.77 € for shipments to Slovenia. Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic 9.99 € – 15.99 €, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Italy 12.19 € – 20.98 €. Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland 12.99 € – 25.99 €. Estonia, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Finland 19.98 € – 38.99 €. The ransom is an additional: 1 €.

Neposredna bančna transakcija, plačilne kartice, paypal, moneta, predračun. Ali plačilo po povzetju z doplačilom 1€.

Delivery in Slovenia is within 24 hours via the GLS delivery company, for orders placed till 12:00. Due to the currently high demand, the average delivery time is 15 working days. For parcels delivered to other parts of Europe:

EU 1 – Neighbor EuropeCroatia, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic1 – 4 dni
EU 2 – Central EuropeGermany, Netherland, Luksemburg, Belgium, Denmark, Italy1 – 3 dni
EU 3 – Near EuropeRomunia, Poland, Bulgarija, France, United Kingdom, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland2 – 5 dni
EU 4 – Far EuropeEstonia, Sweeden, Spain, Portugal, Finland2 – 6 dni


The package includes everything you need for a quick and easy installation of the product on any commercial wooden or metal door.


  • 2x small screw
  • 1x large screw
  • 1x nut


  • 1x sticker FOOT PUSH BELOW
  • 1x sticker FOOT PULL BELOW
  • 1x user manual

Yes, you receive an invoice with each order.

The order amounts are credited to the company account recorded below. By placing an order and paying for it, you will also receive an invoice, which you can use to post:

UFNI, trgovina in druge storitve, d.o.o.
Sokolska ulica 46
2000 Maribor

TRR: SI56 0510 0801 6930 178

(ABANKA d.d.)
Use the order number to reference.

We will send the ordered pieces to you immediately after receiving the payment.

The weight of the door does not affect the function of the UFNI® pedal, but the strength of the resistance that the door offers is important. The device is usually installed on top of the swing door, which is used to close the door and indicates how much force is required to open it. If the door resistance is adjusted to the ADA/EAA standard, which is a maximum of 2.3 kilograms, the user can easily open the door with the UFNI pedal using his foot or walking stick. However, if too much force is required to open the door, the resistance to close the door must be reduced to an appropriate level.

UFNI has no age limit. The size and strength of the body are important. The UFNI® is located at the bottom of the door and allows the user not to lose their balance while using it. Warning signs are included, which are mandatory for doors in public places.

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