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The idea of ​​the product dates back to the year 2017, when the basic product was developed as a solution for opening doors in restaurants for waiters and waitresses. A few pieces were also sold to local businesses at the time, from where news of the product quickly spread.

Things got more serious in 2020, when increased demand emerged and no similar product was available on the market. Of concern was the fact that door handles are the reason for the spread of many infections, that’s a lot of time.

Some materials, for example brass, copper and silver are slowly toxic to many microbes, but they kill most of the bacteria on the hook in no less than eight hours.

Fun facts


Our design

UFNI has always been very close to the company`s design team. The innovation department responsible for the development of new concepts and products has a total of 6 volunteers from different disciplines and is the heart and engine of the company.

UFNI embodies the legacy of door opening with a nearly 150-year tradition. The idea for the original innovation of opening the door with a hook dates back to 1878, when it was first forged by the American inventor Osbourn Dorsey.

UFNI designers in our company follow the same design principles: design and engineering, aesthetics and functionality, plus shape and operation, which are seamlessly interconnected.

Why chose us?

Quality has always been at the focus of our attention. As you can see, we want our products to last a long time while we use them every day. To ensure the highest quality, we like to be present throughout the entire development and production process – from the first sketch to the final product.

Do you remember the moments when you’re dragging around the shops and maybe you have a kid or two with you and your hands are loaded with groceries and shopping bags? Does your heavy door close every time you try to get in and out? Are you a caterer and you have a full bar tray and the patio door is closed?

Keeping your hands clean is one of the most important steps to prevent germs from spreading and transferring to others. Many diseases spread if we do not wash our hands with soap and clean running water.

The vast majority of people open the door by pushing the door with their foot forward. However, not only are the doors damaged, which are not exactly the cheapest item in the room, we can also hurt ourselves. The knees suffer the most.

Ordering online 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The customer selects and orders the products available in the online store, classified into categories. We accept orders via purchase in the online store or by e-mail naroci@ufni.si

Items have a warranty if stated on the warranty card or invoice. The warranty is valid by following the instructions on the warranty card and upon submission of the invoice. Warranty periods are stated on the warranty sheets or on the invoice.

Meet our team - Work organization

Dejan - Inovations
Marketing Demi-God
Dejan is an eccentric artist who looks after new innovations. He likes to wear colorful shirts, “socks”, (and underpants) letting his hair or beard grow long.
Timi - Sales
Head of "Show me the Money!"
Timi is always doing business and takes care of our sales channels. In his spare time, he plays the drums or bass guitar. He loves video games.
Sarah - Communication
Bootylicious Boss
There is no way to separate Sarah from her cell phone. She is always available with reliable information. In her free time she really likes to hang on instagram.
Maruša - Finance
Money Maestro
Maruša likes to deal with financial issues that appear as the basis of business. She used to have hobbies like traveling, but now she takes care of dogs.

Technical Support – Development

Domen - 3D Design
Artistic Ninja Warrior
Mostly he is just quiet and draws, but when he presses enter, you get a render which makes you speechless. He likes crypto.
Uroš - Engineering
Swiss Army Knife
Doctorates and Diplomas are a piece of cake for Uroš. He proves his best with his own ideas and technological projects.


Move Freely

Enjoy the feeling of freedom, the feeling we want to achieve when designing our products.




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